Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everyone can look, but not everyone can see.

These are the pictures I took for my Black and White Film Photoraphy class. I took pics of them with my digital camera to get them onto the web so there's some differences between how they look here and how they do in reality (they look really gray right now, but I promise that they are not haha). This is what I was doing though all night in the basement of the HFAC in the darkroom. Enjoy.

Looking Out
This was the first picture I developed for the semester. My roommate, Daniele, showed me this great place while we were doing another project. So we wandered around the hillside trying different things, and this is what I found. Take from it what you will.

This is a portrait of my Grandma in her rest home that she lives in. I shot one roll of film, and wasn't satisfied and went back. I wanted to get an honest shot. She's a very important person in my life and I love her a lot, but unfortunately she is started to loose her memory and sometimes doesn't remember who I am.

The Coming Storm
This is my cousin and best friend, Lindsey. She was really embarrassed to be my model out in public haha. This is by Utah Lake.

7-10 PM
This is my friend Megan in our 3D design class using a saw to make a table. This class allowed us the opportunity to push outside of our comfort zone and do and use things we normall otherwise never would.

Disturbance at Midnight
I was having real trouble one week trying to get something to turn in. I did a bunch of shoots, but for some reason nothing turned out. This is what I got out of that experience, but it's still not my favorite. It's a crazy story though. I got a text saying that someone's car was on fire in our parking lot. As soon as I read it I grabbed my camera and tripod, and sprinted directly to the other side of the complex. I missed the flames, but ended up getting this shot with the sillhouette of the fireman instead. After taking a bunch of pictures of the car my roommates and I made cookies for the person whose car caught on fire. Sad thing was that it was about midnight and after his car was put out he went straight to work for a late shift.

I took this picture for my contemporary issue assignment. I've had a lot of interesting experiences this past semester with censorship at my work. Another interesting thing about this picture is that the original copy was actually stolen off the wall in the HFAC while on display so I had to reprint it to my liking again.

Drowning. Self portrait & Double Exposure.
This is a double exposure, that's why there's the crazy lines and juxpositioning. I felt overwhelmed by everything going on in my life and wanted to illustrate that feeling in a self portait. In order to get this shot I had to jump into a pool while it was still really, really cold outside and the sun had just gone down. I hit the water and couldn't breathe. We got three shots and this is the only one that worked. I had to be pulled out from the pool. I tried doing some more in the hot tub after, but they didn't really work.

Awakening. Self Portrait & Double Exposure.

This is another double exposure. I kind of wanted to try to do a ghostly feel with a spirit coming from a dead body.

The Orange Orchard
This was while on a roadtrip to San Diego for the weekend. One morning before the others were up my roommate, Daniele, and I explored the orange orchard at our friend's house. p.s. that dog talks.

The Place We Crashed.
This was in San Diego as well. We rented this sweet cart peddaling thing to go around these giant grounds with museums and parks and a theater and lots of things. Long story short we almost crashed a bunch of times and were laughing hysterically. Everyone was pooped out because there was way too many of us on the cart. So we stopped here for a moment to saunter and explore.

We took this by a tunnel that goes to the library. Apparently we were trespassing without every knowing it. I took this picture digitally as well.

This was in my 3D design class as well. I found the swirl of the chicken wire intriguing, that element combined with the amazingly small fstop of my lens created this picture.


  1. love love love.
    That orange grove one turned out sweet.

  2. I'm in love with all of these. Especially the censor one.