Friday, July 29, 2011

Terezín Concentration Camp- Czech Republic

     There was another side to my time in Europe that was a very humbling experience; while we were there we went to several different places that showed the devastations of World War II and what it did to Europe. One of these places was Terezín- a fortress turned into a Gestapo prison. 

   The Nazis used Terezin as a model Jewish ghetto to trick the Red Cross into believing that they were treating the prisoners better than they really were and to dispel rumors of death camps. Even though Terezin wasn't a death camp 33,000 prisoners died during their time there from poor treatment. 10,000 of  those are buried outside the camp. 

    Most of the rooms were too dark to take pictures in, but here are some cells that had enough light to take pictures of and other areas of the camp/fortress. The first one below is the living quarters where the Nazis forced hundreds and hundreds of Jewish prisoners in together. 

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