Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old meets new

Here are a couple more pictures from my birthday that I hadn't posted yet from the Temple and the Bund.

 This is where I was sung happy birthday to. It was a blast. Also check out this sweet pirate ship.

The next day we went to a warehouse nicknamed 3 Ladders by a friend. It has tons of old cool things. It was a really interesting place, and you had to bring a flash light to be able to explore everything.

There's also tons of interesting things to see while just walking down the streets of Shanghai, that's bound to happen in a city of 22 million people.

 Later that night we went to an old meat slaughter house that was turned into a mall. It was a really interesting building.

   One of the cooler things about Shanghai is that there are skyscrapers wherever you look, but then thrown in randomly are these really old houses in the middle of the city.

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